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Ecoconsult AS sells, assembles, provides service and maintenance
on all kinds of heat pumps and water-borne heating systems.

Our work area is:
Tromsø, Karlsøy, Balsfjord, Målselv and Lyngen.
Our base is in Tromsø.

We are certified in the F-gas regulation (EU) 2015/2067, as well as
that we are a NOVAP(Norwegian Heat Pump Association)-approved dealer.
General conditions for delivery are NLM19

Contact details:
Borgermester Eidems gate 4 B
9009 Tromsø
Organization no: 917 041 040 MVA
About usAbout us
We have chosen to have several brands in our assortment. We only bet on brands we vouch for. Some may have functions/specifications that suit some better. Some brands have designer models that decorate the home. Some models deliver more heat than others and some blow the heat longer than others. some models have integrated Wi-Fi control and some models have additional air purification systems.
And some cost more than others, even if the heating effect is the same.
So here you simply have to do a bit of research, what you need, what you want and what you want to pay.
We can also help you find the right pump for your needs.
 JA :)  I samarbeid med Resurs Bank tilbyr vi opptil 24 mnd RENTEFRI delbetaling. Det tilkommer kun kr.79 i adm-gebyr pr mnd, så lenge det står en saldo. Så maks kostnad vil være 24 x kr.79(1896.-), men nedbetaling kan gjøres før 24 mnd. Renter påløper etter 24 mnd.


The inside part should be positioned so that it blows heat as much as possible towards the areas to be heated. Open solutions are best for the heat to be distributed as much as possible. If there are walls in the way, it will take longer for the heat to reach everywhere.

If possible, the indoor unit should not be placed near where you most often sit (above sofa, dining table, etc.) due to noise and air flow (even though today's heat pumps make little noise.)
We service all pumps that we have delivered. There may be restrictions on which brands we carry out service on, but most major recognized brands are fine. Contact us on 45 45 8003 (922 88799)
Yes. For pumps bought from us: the complaint deadline of 5 years applies, for private individuals. If the complaint is due to wearing parts or user error, lack of cleaning/maintenance or not having carried out the necessary service, this may result in the complaint not being accepted.

For pumps not purchased from us: If it applies to pumps where the warranty period/warranty still applies, you should contact the person who sold you the pump. If the seller no longer exists, it is possible to see if we can still take on the assignment. We also reserve the right that there may be certain brands we do not "touch"

In all cases : If the pump is very old, it may be worth considering a new one. Maybe troubleshooting and the repair will cost thousands and who knows what will fail next? Also remember that the newer models are better, have more functions and make less noise.
In winter, you will notice that the pump stops in between and warm air stops blowing. This happens when the outdoor unit is defrosting and often lasts 5-10 minutes. There are no fixed intervals for this, but it can happen more often when the humidity outside is high and the outside temperature is low.
When the outdoor unit is defrosting, water will drip, forming ice in the area below. This is completely normal.
Make sure that the area below is not where people travel, as it can get slippery there. It is also important that the water does not run against the wall/foundation wall (especially if the drainage is poor)
Measures should have been taken during installation, but it is also possible to take measures afterwards: such as, for example:
*fit a drip pan with a heating cable, which leads the water away.
*place an electric mat underneath, which causes the water to evaporate.
*place a board that directs the water away from the house/foundation wall.
It is called multisplit. BUT we would not recommend the solutions that exist today. You have to pay almost twice as much (and maybe more, with planning and challenging work) and then you get less heat output than 2 separate plants. These facilities are also not optimally calculated for our conditions here in the north.

It is predicted that the suppliers will come up with something better during 2023. So, for the time being, we prefer not to offer/project such facilities.
COP: Nominal power factor for heating: Indicates the ratio between the heat output given off and the input power from the mains. Example: If the pump delivers heat equivalent to 5000W, while the power consumption is 1000W, the COP value is  5.This factor is stated at 7gr outside, 20 degrees inside and that the plant is run at normal operation (40-50% of capacity). At lower temperatures, the factor is stated at maximum capacity.
The higher the COP the better

SCOP:(season COP):Theoretical annual heating factor. This value takes into account temperature fluctuations throughout the year and indicates how much more heat the heat pump at best can supply, compared to what it uses in electricity. Example: With a scope of 5 = In the best case, you can save 80% of electricity compared to using electricity. But in practice it is "impossible" to achieve such a large saving. Anyway, thehigher Scop value given, the better. This is more important than the COP factor.

SEER: Total annual energy efficiency factor for cooling: This factor shows the ratio between the pump's stated cooling capacity and supplied effect in the cooling season. The higher the factor the better
It is fine. The heat pump heats the air in the house. The ventilation system ensures that the air is replaced and that most of the heat is utilized by preheating the air that is drawn in.
The usual is a wall model mounted high on the wall. Then the interior will also better draw in the warm heat that has collected up near the roof.

Floor model is recommended if there are few options on the wall, if you do not want it on the wall or if you have cold floors (basement?). Then you will be able to get exhaust over the floor/low.
Some choose to mount wall models low, but we do not recommend this. In that case, it is important not to angle the heat too far down, especially if you have a floor that cannot withstand the heat.

For information, the floor models do not deliver as much heat as the wall models, but still cost more.
During defrosting of the outdoor part, noises may come from the inner part/pipes. This is completely normal.
There is a 2-year warranty. In the case of consumer purchases (for private individuals), you have a 5-year complaint period. For commercial purchases, the Purchase Act applies (2-year claim period.) This means that you should be able to expect the heat pump, including the installation, to work as it should during this time. Provided that it is used in a normal way, is not exposed to abnormal influences and that cleaning and the necessary inspection and service are carried out along the way. It is expected that you yourself replace wearing parts that can be easily replaced/ and are available to buy. (eg: filter, batteries for remote control)

The Consumer Purchase Act (applies to private purchases):

The Purchase Act (applies to business purchases):
The electricity costs consist of:

1. POWER: If you have a spot price agreement, you can monitor the spot price in the area where you live. Then you will see what the electricity price is for the next 24 hours, hour by hour. From time to time you will see that the electricity is extra cheap and then it will pay off to use the electricity then.
It is NOT recommended to use the washing machine and dryer at night/when you are sleeping/not are home. due to the risk of fire!
SUPPOSITION / FIXED AMOUNT: All according to agreement with your electricity company.

Check the next day's spot price for Tromsø

HERE you can even see how much it costs to use different products right now.

2.NET RENTAL: Consists of:
CONSUMPTION TAX: 9.16 øre per kWh
ENERGY FUND FEE: 1 øre per kWh

ENERGY LEAD: at 6-22 it is 19.9 øre per kWh. 22-6: 9.9 øre per kWh

CAPACITY LEVEL: This is a fixed amount calculated according to the average < u>the 3 hours of the month you use the most electricity(on different days).
These steps are as follows:
Less than 2 kW NOK 73 in fixed amount
2-5 kW NOK. 173
5-10 kW NOK 342
10-15 kW NOK 511
15-20 kW NOK 680

see the full scale at
As you can see, a few extra watts an hour can mean that you suddenly end up on the next step and the bill immediately becomes more expensive.
But how can this be controlled? Some electricity companies have apps that can notify you when you are approaching a limit.

Most electricity meters also have a button you can press to see what you are using at the moment. At you can also log in and see consumption and the 3 highest daily maximums and the monthly maximum calculated so far. Here you can also order a free SMS or e-mail notification, which notifies you the next day if you exceed your own chosen limit.

On the meter here, after pressing, you see that you are using approx. 4.6kW at the moment. If you use the same amount throughout the hour, you have used 4.6 kWt. Let's say the 3 highest hours of the month were 4.6, 5.3 and 5.35kW. This will be an average of 5.08kW and then unfortunately you ended up just over the limit. It was NOK 342 instead of NOK 173 to pay. Perhaps it was the fact that you used the oven and the tumble dryer at the same time that resulted in an extra NOK 169 to be paid? Such an "accident" every month will probably cost you NOK 2,000 a year .

Of course we can :) (if it's not too far from the city centre.)
Many times, good pictures outside and inside, as well as conversations can be just as useful.


You can also just call us on tel. 45 45 8003

The vast majority of pumps have this function.
To avoid frost, it is good to have some warmth.
It varies from brand to brand how low the pump can be set, from 5 to 10 degrees.
Here you will find pictures from some of our installations

CONTACT FORM FOR SALES AIR-AIR HEAT PUMPS When it comes to other types of heat pumps/systems, administration and repair of ALL types of pumps, use another contact form

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Office hours Mon-Fri: 9 - 17 When it comes to: Sales - installation - service - repair of air-water, liquid-water, extraction heat pump, water-borne heat, you can contact us via the contact form or on tel. 922 88799

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Our showroom in Petersborggata 47 has no fixed opening hours, but is open occasionally during the day on weekdays. If you want a viewing, it's a good idea to call first/make an appointment.
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All other types of heat pumps/water-borne heating, rep/adm: phone 922 88799
  • Petersborggata 47, Tromsø, Norway
  • in the same building as Mood Restaurant AS


Office hours Mon-Fri: 9 - 17 When it comes to: Sales - installation - service - repair of air-water, liquid-water, extraction heat pump, water-borne heat, you can contact us via the contact form or on tel. 922 88799

We help you find the right heat pump for
your home and where indoor and outdoor areas can and should be
be placed. Of course, we take your wishes into account
suggestions, and together we will find a good solution.

Book a FREE INSPECTION on 45 45 8003
(applies to the city of Tromsø)
  1. Driving up to 25 km from the shop
  2. Unpacking and visual inspection of the heat pump
  3. Installation of interior parts up to 2.5 meters above the floor, on the inside of the outer wall
  4. Installation of outdoor units up to 1.5 meters above ground level
  5. Drilling in standard wooden wall/leca up to 30 cm thickness
  6. 2 wall brackets and 4 vibration dampers (for outdoor unit)
  7. Up to 4 meters of piping (white plastic duct, pipe, power cable, signal cables)
  8. Electrical connection between indoor and outdoor up to 4 m
  9. Grounded cable 2 m with plug. Daikin and Bosch: On the outside. On Toshiba and most Panasonic you can choose inside or outside
  10. Proper sealing of penetrations in the wall
  11. Commissioning and testing of the heat pump
  12. User guide for the customer

Interest-free installments of up to 24 months

Det tilkommer kun kr.79 i adm-gebyr pr mnd, så lenge det står en saldo. Så maks kostnad vil være 24 x 79kr(1896.-), men nedbetaling kan gjøres før 24 mnd. Renter påløper etter 24 mnd
VARMEPUMPEN. Ring 45 45 8003 eller trykk på knappen nedenfor